carbon frame which grease

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Hi im looking at regreasing the headset and bottom bracket on my carbon ribble.
i know grease makes carbon expand so what do i use ??
im guessing ther is a plastic/ whte grease i use which doesnt make the carbon expand???
can someone point me at the right product to use

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  • turnerjohn
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    grease makes carbon expand ? :shock:
    Finish line carbon paste would do it
  • applying grease to a carbon seatpost then putting it into a carbon downtube results in the post jamming in solid.
    dont want to apply grease to bearing push it into my headset and never be able to get it out when it fails

    just thinking aheas
    Specialized S Works SL2 . Campagnolo Record 11spd. rolling on Campag Zonda wheels
  • turnerjohn
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    learn something new every day in that case !
    I use carbon assembly paste...its designed for carbon, doesnt bond surfaces but helps "friction" them together...I'd use that
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    Um, isn't the headset cup metal? And also the BB shell? If you're just taking the bearing out of the headset cup and adding a bit of grease then it's metal on metal, so normal grease is fine. It'll be a sealed bearing though so you may or may not be able to do anything to service it - it may just need replacing if it's rough.

    If you actually want to remove the cups (although I can't see why you would) then carbon assembly paste might be an idea.

    Same goes for the BB really, and if you've got Power Torque cranks then removing them requires special tools that most people don't have.
  • so lets get this right.

    the frame is a friends chinarello
    shimano hollowtech so i guess i dont need to add grease to that, just a touch on the threads as i screw it in

    but on the headset its brand new essentially so do i not need to apply any grease before i install??

    i dont want to get grease on the outside of the bearing where it will touch the carbon i know that much

    do i just dry fit it?? thought i have seen a white grease used in the past.

    carbon assembly paste is used purely for the seat tube isnt it ?? or will a little smear be ok on the headset the act as a barrier to the grit,water getting in too easily
    Specialized S Works SL2 . Campagnolo Record 11spd. rolling on Campag Zonda wheels
  • Think there's alot of confusion here.

    Carbon paste is used to CREATE friction between 2 carbon parts, like s/post and frame. Stops them slipping.

    Grease is absolutely needed in your bearings like the headset. To reduce friction and protect from water ingress.

    I have never heard of grease making carbon expand. Anyone else?
  • amaferanga
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    Carbon assembly paste goes on seatpost, stem/bar interface and stem/steerer tube interface. Grease goes in/on the bearings and chainset and headset assemblies. I use plenty of grease as usually if you don't you just end up with annoying clicks and ticks.

    Grease making carbon expand is also news to me.
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