8 Speed cranks, with 10 speed cassette

hiro ono
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I have a specialized allez, it has:
Shimano 2300 compact
Sealed cartridge, square taper, 68mm

and i'm upgrading to sram apex/ rival, but i have not ordered new cranks, the current ones are 8 speed. Do i need new cranks to go with the 10 speed cassette? When i eventually do get round to upgrading, do i need gxp or bb30?



  • cycleclinic
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    On the BB, which one will depend on the frame. The Allez take thread BSA cups the last time I checked o GXP it will be if you want to use a 10 speed SRAM crankset. However you can use anyone crankset it will make no difference to the way the bike works.

    You will be able to run a 10 speed chain on the 8 speed chainset. Front shifting may not be as smooth but it will work. To assist rear shifting cahinging the jockey wheels in the rear mech is not a bad idea.
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  • thanks, just got to wait until christmas then :)