Giro Shoes? - Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire

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Is there anywhere that stocks them!?

I'm assuming Evans in MK does but I'd rather find somewhere closer where you don't have to pay extortionate parking.


  • Parking over the road from evans is free, near iceland or park in fisheread if you are feeling brave and walk over the bridge......otherwise i cant help, sorry ;)
  • alihisgreat
    alihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    thanks for the tip
  • alihisgreat
    alihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    ... so I just rang Evans in MK up and they don't stock them In Store?!

    are there any LBS that stock Giro shoes?!! Surely there must be some!
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    Couldn't you ask one of the Camb's shops to order some in from the UK distributor? Looking at the Giro website, Blue Bike Shop, Ben Haywards and Primo are all registered stockists.

    If you have no joy then give Grafham Cycles a call and ask if they can get them in for you. They have accounts with lots of distributors and done the same thing for me with NorthWave shoes from Jim Walker (now i-ride).
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    Buy on line and send them back if no good.