Endura Road Overshoes question

bing gordon
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I bought a pair like these about 2 months ago;-

http://www.bike-treks.co.uk/282275/prod ... PriceComp1

I didnt realise they were made of a soft outer foam type material. After about 10 rides I noticed the foam has worn away from the inside of the overshoe's from rubbing against the crank revealing the inner orange coloured protective skin.
Considering there nr £20 a pair I think its abit crap tbh to be made of a foam outer skin considering nearly everyone's shoe will rub against the crank arm when riding. You can scratch it off with a finger nail.
Is there any overshoes wind/rain proof that are made of a tougher material teflon or summut ?.


  • amaferanga
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    Too late now, but I find a bit of duct tape over rub areas works well.
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  • Coach H
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    amaferanga wrote:
    Too late now, but I find a bit of duct tape over rub areas works well.
    Me too. Some Duck Tape applied to wear areas has kept mine going into their 5th winter and is hardly noticable.
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  • ajb72
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    They are very easy to damage unfortunately. Within a few rides I'd ripped through one side after a minor 'off' and the other side was wearing through with my shoe fastener rubbing. I used a good old fashioned punter repair kit which worked a treat!

    I've since replaced them with Gores though as I didn't find them warm enough.
  • cougie
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    Yes mine went like that too - I got fed up of the duck tape look after a winter or two and went for the Planet X overshoes. They're like the inside of a wetsuit - rather than the shiny outside that does abrade quickly. I think they're as good and cheaper.
  • ..I'm on my third pair of these and never had that problem. The zips have fallen off ( one pair after 2 weeks - sent them back) and the sole distintigrates, but I like them and can usually get at least 2 winters out them, which, at £20 a pop, I think is fair enough. I've recently tried BBB and Planet X and just found them cold with very little water resistance. The BBB's also snaggged on the cleat (they went back too...).
    ..Endura also do a glitzy shiny silver finish which I've got now and they do seem a bit more robust than the black ones..
  • Well I got some strong rubber so i think I'll poxy resin some over the rub bits , thanks for the advise.