Specialized Allez Elite 2011 freehub removal

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My original rear wheel from my Specialized Allez Elite 2011 is spinning fine but makes a nasty noise of rattling/grinding. I took the cassette, axle, cones and bearings out, cleaned them all and put it back together but the noise persisted. I'm thinking it's probably the freehub body that's making the noise but I'm unsure of the make/model and how to remove it as Specialized's component list of the bike doesn't go into detail of these parts.

Does anyone know the make/model of the freehub body and how to remove it? If I can fix it I will, otherwise I'm keen just to replace it.

Thanks for any help and advice.


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    You need to ID the hub as the bod is hub specific.

    And not normally serviceable.
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  • Hmm..that's the problem, there are no markings on it.

    I think once/if I get it off, I'll just replace it.
  • It seems a long running problem with spesh hubs...basically they're cr@p, lots of people have the same problem.
    I havnt got an answer i'm afraid, just read lots of reports about exactly this.
  • I have a similar issue with my Allez. When I back pedal the chain sags and with the wheel off when I spin the cassette it grumbles which is exactly the same issue I had with my mountain bike. My mountain bike had unbranded hubs and I couldn't identify the free hub so had to get a new wheel which is Shimano so I'm pretty garunteed to get spares.

    As for your wheel strip it down fully again including spindle and bearings, I will hazard a guess that there will be a 12 Allen key shaped hole inside the freehub. Just get an Allen key to fit and undo, it will be really tight so you might need to use a spanner as an extra lever.

    My wheel is still under garuntee so it's going back this week as it will only get worse.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try a 12mm allen key and update you. Seems to be a common problem with these wheels and Specialized aren't willing to help provide or identify replacement parts.
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    Is it an unbranded hub?

    The best advice would be to throw it over the nearest fence and trot away quickly before someone throws it back.

    I have a 2010 Elite which came with unbranded hubs and cxp22 rims. The hubs were pretty much impossible to get into. The freehub froze once as well and the pawls wouldn't engage at all.

    I changed them for relatively cheap shimano 501s with 30 mm rims- about £100 from Merlin with 2 free tyres and it felt substantially better. I'm kind of sold on cup and cone hubs as a result. I recently cleaned and greased the bearings in the back wheel and it was relatively straight-forward.
  • Yeah, they look unbranded to me. I'm able to take the hubs apart, remove cones and bearings but need to try and remove the freehub. Enjoying learning how all the bits work behind the cassette despite not solving the problem yet. I'll get there eventually!
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    You need a 12mm allen key inserted in the non-drive side to remove the freehub, but I'm not even sure you could buy a replacement freehub. The seals on the hubs are poor to be honest, mine did the same. The wheel is not worth investing in a new freehub if you can even source one so I would suggest just keeping it as a spare for the turbo.
  • It could be a problem to find a replacement free hub...
    if the spoke count is normal (i.e. 28 or 32), you should be able to find a rear hub of good quality for under 40 pounds (check out Novatec rear at SDEALS.COM)... then you need to find someone keen to rebuild your wheel at a sensible cost... typically 25 pounds + 10-15 for new spokes... depending on rims quality it might be worth it or not... in the latter case, the neighbours garden appear a sensible option... in the former, you will end up with a nice and serviceable wheel at a reasonable cost
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