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OB Treasure

mrc1mrc1 Posts: 852
Hi All

In conjunction with the sound card, quite a few us seemed keen on the idea of a giftbox of DVDs, books etc etc for OB to keep him out of trouble.

Jeff from Bikeradar has very kindly agreed that they will act as the hub to receive all the gifts and then send them on once everyone has sent things in.

I am checking dates with Jeff, but at the moment I think a cut-off date of Tuesday 18 December should be stuck to so that everything can be on posted to him in time for Christmas as otherwise it will go on and on...

Please can everyone send their item (I think just one per person should be ample) to:

OB Treasure Chest
Unit 1&2 Cotterell Court
Monmouth Place
Bath BA1 2NP

With a note inside that the item is for OB.

Im sure someone more technically minded will be able to set a list up, so please can everyone add what they are sending so that we avoid duplicates:

MRC1 - Stephen Fry in America - Hardback book

Le Domestique Tours - Bespoke cycling experiences with unrivalled supported riding, knowledge and expertise.

Ciocc Extro - FCN 1
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