Eclipse Cycling - A Warning

jimmythecuckoo Posts: 4,712
edited December 2012 in Road buying advice
A group of friends and I wanted some nice shiny kit to go with our cycling website and because of the low cost (Jersey and bibs delivered for under £30) we went to Eclipse Cycling as we could design online and people could order 1's.

It all went very smoothly to start with but the first order came with both jerseys having different coloured backs to fronts. One lad complained and got a refund.

We could live with that I suppose.

Subsequent orders have taken over 2 months to deliver which we can accept as we did plan for that.

The main issue (as with the Monton thread) has been customer service for when things have gone wrong. The zip has failed in my jersey but as its over three months they have told me to get lost. Even when I mentioned the two month delivery time.

We knew the risks of taking a Chinese company on and of course we might have been lucky and not had any issues.

What I wanted to say though was ensure you think it through even more than we did when consider Eclipse as your kit supplier.