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11 year old daughter outgrowing her Isla 26 and I've just bought a small Specialized Tricross frameset to build up as her next bike. Before I buy the bits can anyone spot any issues with my plan - especially will the chainset work with a 10sp chain - and which of the chainsets would you go for ? All my bikes have been all campag 10 speed or all Shimano 9spd so never really thought about compatibility issues.

It's for general riding, racing cyclocross next year and possibly some closed circuit racing.

Brakes - Tektro cantilever (came with frameset)
Shifters - 10 speed veloce (parts box - bit concerned the action on campag takes a bit more strength ?)
Wheels - Campag scirocco with a 13-29 or similar if I can find one (my Summer training wheels)
Chain - Campag 10 speed
Chainset - Miche Young 155mm (could go 165mm) cranks 36/46 OR Stronglight Impact Kid chainset 42/34 155mm (buy new)
Rear Mech - Campag Xenon 10 spd long cage (parts box)
Front Mech - It's got a shimano one on but I'm anticipating having to put a campag one on ?
Bottom bracket - one that suits whatever chainset I buy
Bars - some sort of small short reach shallow drop ones.

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  • post in General section regarding the compatibility issue you will get faster answer.
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    If you want more braking power from small hands, mini-vees may be more effective and easier to set up.

    Firmness on action depends on the model of your Veloce shifters. Also if they're the older ratchet type, they should actuate the Shimano front mech. If it's the escapement type, then probably not but worth trying.
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    Older type ratchet ones so good - thanks for that.

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