Crank Brothers Candy 3

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Hey all just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these pedals? I've seen VERY mixed reveiws saying they are brilliant however also people need to rebuild them :? Has anyone got these? Any thoughts?


  • fevmeister
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  • I personally love the CB pedals, had everything from the Candys on my mtb, as well as having had used the egg beaters a lot. They have tons of float, so they arn't for everyone.
  • mhj999
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    fantastic affordable float = Crank Brother
    Have got Candy 1, never had any issues and I don't 'maintain' them
    Sensa Giulia 105
  • sirmol
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    cheers for the comments, i have just got a pair of candy 3's for £50 so we'll see how they go. :shock: