single speed and disc brakes

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This is probably a dumb question....but here it goes anyway!

I'm looking to build my first bike. I have in mind a winter training/commuting bike build around a planet X Kaffenback.

I'm after minimal maintance and decent wet weather braking performance (I've been riding through the last five winters and am getting bored of that feeling of applying the brakes in the rain and the two second wait before anything happens!)............ hence I figure discs with single speed.

So here is the question, can any single speed wheel be fitted with discs?

Does anyone have any reccomendations I could look at, I not worried about weight, just need strong and durable hubs that will last the winter.

Thanks in advance!


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    can any single speed wheel be fitted with discs?

    but most disc hubs can be run as single speeds.

    most (99.9%) disc rear hubs are 135mm O.L.D. MTB size) any SS kit can be fitted to so such a hub. there are also SS specific Disc hubs of differing types (cassette,spin on and Micro drive)

    Look at MTB 29er wheel sets or talk to your freindly wheel builder.
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    thanks - thats most helpful.