Cervelo S2 v S3 - how do they differ?

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Any Cervelo experts out there able to tell me the difference between the S2 and S3. The latter is now obsolete, I assume replaced by the S5, but the S2 and S3 look very similar to my untrained eye. Anyone?


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    Different carbon layup in terms of compliance and stiffness
    Think s3 has a more compliant ride due to thinner seatstays more like rs/r3 but no loss of stiffness and certainly not speed!!!
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    The S3 is about 50% more S than the S2.
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    As alluded to above, the seat-stays are completely different. The S3 is likely lighter. Subjective (not strictly speaking) things like stiffness, compliance - who knows? Maybe the S3 is a nicer ride. You'd certainly expect it to be for the money.

    I'm sure the S2 is a damn good frame. I'd use the cash savings over an S3 to kit the S2 out extra nice.

    One thing is for sure, Cervelo have reached a new low in ugliness with this years paint jobs and the S5. Although let's face it, when the target audience is middle aged dentists... :wink::lol:
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    ^^Middle age dentists buy Parlee and the like, not Cervelos.
  • The S3 also has different chainstays to the S2. The S3's are beefier and therefore likely to be stiffer. Because of their weird shape it means that certain wheelsets do not fit the S3. As said above the seatstays on the S3 are also thinner to provide a more compliant ride. Not sure about carbon layups being different.