Rumbling headset

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice on my headset problem. When I ride on a bumpy stretch of road a rumbling sound comes from the headset. This is confirmed if i lightly drop the front of the bike onto the wheel. I've re-greased and re-fitted the bearings into the cups which remedies it for a while but it will eventually come back.

Has anyone had a similar problem and been able to fix it?

Thanks for your help



  • The Rookie
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    What grease? Any play in the headset (hold front brake on, put finger just above the fork crown so it's touching both lower headset outer and fork crown and rock the bike, can you feel movement)?

    Noise can come from another source and 'exit' the frame at the headset just to fool you!
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  • jomoj
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    if it's not the headset it could be the brake levers rattling, the front hub bearings being loose, brake cables rattling or your teeth.

    what kind of headset is it?