spokes keep breaking

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Rear wheel spokes keep breaking at the bend where they attach to the hub. I'm replacing them and truing the wheel myself, but can't work out why it keeps happening. I've had to replace eight in the last 24 rides. I must be doing something wrong. It's always on the same side, opposite to the cassette, so not difficult to replace. Maybe i,m tightening to much, but try not to. Anyone got any ideas. Giant scr 2 , about five years old, never had any problems with broken spokes previously. I've done about 5,000 miles on the bike. I'n 6 feet three and weigh 16 stones so weight could be an issue.


  • If the new spokes are the ones breaking then you are probably going too tight on them.

    If it is the older spokes then maybe they got too stressed when others broke and they need to be cleared out.

    It might be worth taking the wheel to your lbs and having the wheel setup from scratch?
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    Firstly you could try de tuning all spokes and re truing in order to create equal spoke tension. If that doesn't work rebuild wheel with new spokes and nipples, checking rim trueness and for notches in hub spoke holes when in parts. It could be a case that the spokes are fatigued, possible after 5 years of riding. Its worthwhile keeping a record of which spoke you replace each time, this can give you an indication of issue. For instance if the spoke that goes is either side of the one that went previous it could be due to the excess strain caused when the last spoke broke.

    Unfortunately as with most problems on a bike there are multiple problems that could be giving you this issue.

    Good luck!
  • You need a rebuild, your spokes are fatigued. If the wheels are cheap it is not worth it though... A rebuild will cost you around 60 pounds if the wheels have J spokes
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