Campag Zonda bearing size

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I'm looking to service my Zondas as was wondering if anyone knew what size and quality bearings i'll need. Also anyone know a decent stockist of said bearings?

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  • I#m assuming the Zondas are cup n cone, so while i can't tell you what size balls they use, i would use pukker campag spare balls, there's a huge difference between cheapo ones and good ones. I wouldnt want to be putting any old balls in there.
  • Campag brochure confirms that Zondas are Steel Cup and Cone bearings.

    Several sites suggest they are '4x15 balls 5/32" in Grade 10 stainless steel' and you can get Ceramic replacements (but they're expensive)

    These guys

    ( ... s_id=37910)

    will do a 100 pack of what appear to be decent quality (Grade 10 - which guarantees roundness/consistency) for £8.49+VAT!
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