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Hey, was looking at buying some new tri base bars from my track bike but they're only for a "26mm stem" which I presume is the clamp. My current stem is 31.8mm so should I be fine to buy the bars and a stem with a 26mm clamp or will that stem not work with my headset? I know it's a stupid question, but any advice welcome, cheers :)
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    headset shouldn't be the issue, it's the steerer tube that the stem clamps to

    if you are changing the stem, there are a few things to get right/check...

    steerer tube clamp diameter - to match the current one
    stack height - if it's shorter than the current one, you can add a spacer; if it's taller remove spacer/fit narrower spacer
    stem angle and length - usually you'd match the current one, but depending on geometry/objective you could change one/both
    bar clamp diameter - to match the new bars
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