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Cannondale Super 6 Apex v Felt F5 105

backobacko Posts: 167
edited November 2012 in Road buying advice
Hello all, being racking my brains between these two bikes, I can get them both for round about the same price so money isnt an issue. (£1200-£1300)

currently ride a 2007 Boardman team carbon mainly all year commuting (150 mile a week), and long distance/sportives in the summer. Over the years I have upgraded the group set from SRAM Rival to a mix of SRAM Red/FORCE

i want a "summer" bike, with the plan to put the SRAM red/force group set onto the summer bike and the lower level group set from the new summer bike to the boardman and use the boardman as my all year commuter. It gets hammered in the winter months and I wont mind replacing worn oput apex/105 parts compared to SRAM Red!

As such when I have been looking for the summer bike I am really keen on getting the best frame and forks.
Both bikes are BB30 so I wont be switching my crankset as its currently GXP so I could do with the summer bike coming with a decent crank set, the F5 wins here with the FSA Gossamer compared to the FSA Omega on the super 6

i am also lead to beleive the 105 groupset is better than apex so the F5 wins again.
I also beleive the f5 frame is the same as the F1 and is also lighter than the super 6..not 100 sure with this though as quite hard to find the weight of the cannondale.

but............ I keep hearing and reading how good the frame and ride on the super 6 is. I do prefer it looks wise but wonder if anyone has any experience of these two bikes and if placed in my shoes what would you do?

all advice welcome and appreciated!



  • chanjychanjy Posts: 200
    I'd get the Cannondale... would find it too confusing switching between Shimano and SRAM all the time :)
  • backobacko Posts: 167
    chanjy wrote:
    I'd get the Cannondale... would find it too confusing switching between Shimano and SRAM all the time :)

    Good point..never thought of this as I have always ridden SRAM

  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Plus the Dale you get a lifetime warranty on the frame, no brainer surely!!
    Yellow is the new Black.
  • I've just got the dale, and it's a thing of beauty 8)
    I went for this based on the reviews all saying what a great frame set it is.

    My winter hack is a Boardman race wit mainly shimano 105. Can say I have any problems swapping between the gear sets, but I do prefer the SRAM system :)
  • I recently bought my super six 105 for a tad over 1300 quid . Not sure
    If that is something to consider ??
    Ps I love my supersix.
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,814
    I need another /a top-end frame/bike like a hole in the head right now but still, these deals ....

    Be interested in how good really these 2 (and probably of more of interest to me is the 'dale) bikes/frames are ?
    Apex is pretty low-end so is that a 'spoiler' on the frame or does it still shine well enough, especially given the price for the complete bike ?
  • chanjychanjy Posts: 200
    It is the lower end groupset but actually Apex is performance wise pretty much the same as the higher end Force just a bit heavier.

    Although according to the interweb still ighter than Ultegra? :shock:
  • I've been looking at the F5 and the F6 Felt recently, and actually prefer the F6 due to the Apex groupset.

    Currently I ride a secteur with Apex and did LEJOG this year on it without any issues. No problems or adjustments needed in 970miles, so whilst the front "sweep" might feel a little long changing to the big ring, I rate it highly. The hoods also feel slightly more comfortable.

    My tricross has tiagra and never had a problem switching between shimano and SRAM. Tiagra actually feels "too light" sometimes but apart from this all ok.

    Never ridden a dale but saw one in Evans this morning, lovely looking bike but personally I like the felt more
  • backobacko Posts: 167
    Thank you for the comments...very much appreciated, I wasnt aware of the lifetime gtee on the supersix which is a big plus. As is always recomended I have sat on both bikes this morning (albeit only sat on the F6 but its the same geo as the F5)

    both stunning bikes but the moment I sat on the supersix I fell in love!

    Supersix now purchased :lol:

    Plan to switch the groupset, upgrade the crankset and the wheelset.

    Roll on the summer months

  • Good choice :)

    You'll love it :wink:
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