Stans sealant or Caffe Latex

studiobod Posts: 15
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After a bit of advice please.

I purchased in June some WH 6700 tubeless ready wheels and have been running these with Pro race 3's since then. My tires are pretty much done for now, and I have just picked up some Hutchison Atoms for £50 for the pair, unused from ebay. A steal i think!

I want to run them with Sealant and have read various bits about my options. The general jist I get is that Stans is more effective, but contains ammonia so its green credentials are not perfect, and the ammonia adds to wheel corrosion. Caffe Latex, is greener and if you belive the marketing info, due to the way it foams up in the tire it is better at sealing sidewall punctures. It is also supposed to last for up to a year without the need to top up in the right circumstances.

Has anyone used both and if so, is the above correct, and which do you preferr?