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stolen cannondale supersix

Gary DownsGary Downs Posts: 2
edited November 2012 in Road stolen
Stolen this weekend of 16th november from my home.Suspect i have been targeted.
Cannondale supersix ultegra 2012 black and red frame. mavic cosmic carbon wheels. serial no.201108095-5. Local police said this sort of crime is on increase in our area (herefordshire) big time. If any imfo police can be contacted on 0300 333 3000. Be aware i thought we were o.k. dog , security lights, extra locks on sheds etc. did not hear a thing. Both sheds were done in middle of night but only my new cannondale went. Thanks for looking


  • My sympathies, it's a sh*tty thing to have happened, I had a bike nicked over 10 years ago, but it still haunts me.

    Been reading through these posts with horror, can't believe how flagrant and common these thefts are.

    Seems it's often sheds/garages getting done over. Is it not possible to keep the bike in the house? I realise space and her indoors are issues, but I don't think I could ever leave my bike outside, no matter how well locked. Even if it had to go on the bedroom wall, sobeit!

    And is not possible for a group of posters on here in the same area to get together and sting some thieves? Like leave a nice MTB lightly locked at a supermarket, then pounce on the thief when he turns up? Might help unravel a whole band of them....(I know that's the police's job, but hey, don't hold your breath).
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