Blackburn Mammoth 2 Stage Hand Pump OR Blackburn AirStik SL

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Need a pump to go on the side of the road bike for the flats that decide to get me now and again, will be going on the frame and not in my pocket, both pumps are around the same price, £13 ish delivered, is one better than the other from any previous experience, thanks to all!

Blackburn Mammoth 2 Stage Hand Pump OR Blackburn AirStik SL



  • Monty Dog
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    Neither - try a Lezyne or Topeak with an extendable hose, you need an HP version to cope with higher pressures for road tyres.
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  • could you give me an example of either?
  • Monty Dog
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    Lezyne Pressure Drive or Road Drive or Topeak Race Rocket HP - pricier but guaranteed to work when you need them.

    I had an Airstik Carbon that fell apart even before I had the chance to use it.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    I have both the Airstick and a Lezyne Road Drive and would recommend either. I have used the Airstick a few times in anger and it will get your tyres up to 100psi - but it takes a while.
    I haven't used the Lezyne out on the road yet as I have only just got it, but I did a quick comparison in the garage. For the same number of pump strokes, the pressure in the tyre (checked with a gauge) was nearly double for the Lezyne against the Airstick. They really look to be very good pumps. They are certainly well engineered and made and having the hose makes them easy to use.
    The only problem is that they are twice the price!!

    Incidentally, my first Airstick had the handle come lose and fall off during a ride. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until I got home. However, they replaced it under warranty.

    Edit: just noticed. The Airstick referred to is the SL type. The one I have is the one with the flip out handle and looks bulkier than the SL - which basically looks very small and difficult to hold.

    Hope this helps.
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