Forme Longcliffe One23 SL22 wheels issue

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I bought a brand new Forme Longliffe 4.0 as a winter bike. Apart from a few minor assembly issues with the dealer (which Forme themselves are resolving) I am quite impressed with the bike....except.....!

On delivery the wheels were well out of true and the local forme dealer trued these up for me. not a problem in itself.

When using the bike over the last few weeks i have had 4 instances of the tube blowing the tyre entirely off the rim most recent episode being saturday morning.

This resulted in a significant split in the tube. Fortunately i was only travelling at low speed but it has the potential for something more serious if going downhill or cornering etc.

The 4 tubes were replaced by 3 diff individuals including a shop cycle mechanic which makes me think it cant be human error. All the individuals are experienced cyclists with many years of changing tubes on different bikes/wheels

On all occasions the tyre has blown off the rim and the tube split. This happens180 degrees directly opposite the valve on both front and rear wheels. The wheels are one23 sl22 branded.

Forme have advised human error and a trapped tube. Normally i would agree entirely that it sounds like the tube has been trapped but for three diff experienced individuals to make the same error on 4 occasions and for the issue to appear at the same position does seem strange. Also this has never happened on any of our other bikes/wheels and because of the frequency of this arising we have checked and double checked the tube isnt trapped before inflating fully.

In the most recent episode last saturday the tube was fitted by the cycle shop approx 3 weeks ago and 160 miles. If it was a trapped tube i would have expected it to blow out before now to be honest. All very confusing.

Anyone had a similar experience or can offer advice on the issue?

I dont really want to have to fork out for a new set of wheels on what should be a cheap new winter bike.

many thanks


  • Could it be a rim tape problem? Check the rim tape is properly installed and replace it if you find it not suitable... rim tape only costs 2 quid a piece
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