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clipless pedal advice - duck footed

cattytowncattytown Posts: 647
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Hi, I hope someone can make a suggestion to help me. I have a bit of a problem with pedals. I am very toe out on my right foot.

I am currently using speedplay X-5s, and my right foot is right the way against the end of float available. This makes it a very long way to clip out - it can be awkward when stationary to get my right foot out.

So does anyone have a suggestion for pedals that can accommodate that foot angle while still being able to clip out?

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  • This won't help you immediately, but have you thought about trying to address the underlying problem? In that, depending exactly on the cause of your duck-footedness, you can usually correct this with some stretching/strengthening exercises. It will take some time but it is possible - I had a similar issue with my right foot that, while now not quite as straight as my left, is pretty close to normal.

    Good luck!
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    You can get longer spindles for some Speedplay models - probably from the US. You can get regular pedal spindle extenders too - try Highpath Engineering who make them. May be worth seeking a bike fit specialists view in response to above to determine whether your foot alignment is due to muscular or skeletal misalignment - attempting to correct your foot position may result in discomfort elsewhere e.g. hips or knees.
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  • mhj999mhj999 Posts: 122
    2 possible options:
    1) Crank Brothers MTB pedals have a lot of float - i use Candy.
    2) get some Orthotics made, expensive (approx £300) but should straighten your foot out.

    Definitely dont 'force' your foot straight as your knee will suffer!
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  • Thanks for the comments so far. I agree a look at the underlying problem will be a good idea, but unlikely to have a quick effect.

    I already have pedal extenders - the big problem I have at the mo is getting my right foot out of the pedal. I effectively sit VERY heel in. Add that heel in to the 25 degree release angle and I think I have the wrong pedals for me at the moment as I have a LONG way to go to get there.
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  • I ride somewhat heel in and use Bebop pedals ( - similar in concept to Speedplays) which have 20 degrees of float but are still v easy to engage / disengage. Obviously all that float takes some getting used to, but having suffered from knee issues for years, I find that this system just works for me. AFAIK, though, nobody stocks them in the UK - mine came via, so you're going to have a hard time finding a set to try out.
  • They look interesting - I like the idea of either direction release too. I might also see if I can find my egg beaters and see how they feel.

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  • Speedplay Zero's would allow you to adjust for the heel in and keep a small release angle if you wanted.

    The limit screws that you use to choose your float have the side effect of adjusting release angle at the same time (release is a set angle past the float amount so if you wind it in to zero float you'll release in a very narrow band as well).
  • Thanks - I was looking at the adjustability of the zeros, looks like they could solve the release angle issue.
    The LAs look to be better than the X5 I have - 7.5 deg heel out on LA, 25 on the x5, adjustable zero.
    What I can't see beyond a vague 15 degree float is how much toe out they fit.
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  • How about flicking your heel in rather than out to unclip ...

    Worked for me for 15 years ... Shimano SPD/SPDR, Look, Time, every Crankbrother pedal ... all work fine (for me) with this method ...

    I also found straightening the cleat, rather than embracing my splayed feet, also helped ... After a few rides the pulling sensation on my ankles subsided and it became the norm ... In fairness I have ridden 5,000 km on my spin bike with this set up so maybe my muscle memory has a helping hand but no pain so far ... In fact less pain, I no longer get the searing pain on the outside of my feet after long rides (so bad I used to be unable to walk for 10 mins after rides .., and a couple of times during) ..,
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Won't having more float make the problem worse, as there's less incentive to correct it i.e. it allows you to get away with it? Just curious.
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  • passout wrote:
    Won't having more float make the problem worse, as there's less incentive to correct it i.e. it allows you to get away with it? Just curious.

    Certainly if you want to flick your feet outwards to unclip ... I run medium float on all my pedals but my foot is usually always starting at a negative angle taken up by some float ...
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