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I've got a dodgy link in my chain, by dodgy i mean that its not moving freely. it moves through the derailer with a bit of a click and then won't fully straighten out. Took me ages to finally diagnose this as the issue i'd been experiencing as it doesn't look like theres anything wrong, I've tried bombarding it with lube which had no affect. I tried to remove the pin at the weekend but my chaintool wasn't up to the job, me and my housemate tried bloody hard to remove it with no luck, it was even extremely hard work trying to undo the chaintool once we'd tightened it so much.

bike is new with only about 240 miles on it so don't want to waste a chain which is otherwise in perfect nick. tried taking to evans but they were a bit useless, no mechanics in so only suggestion i got was to replace the chain and let them charge me £15 labour for fitting a new one.

So has anyone got any recommendations for the best way forward? I’ve heard of speedlinks or splitlinks or something like that which may help me replace the bad one. Should I be able to fix the current link? Do I just need to shut up and fork out for a new chain?



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    Find the link and try twisting/bending the link gently side to side to loosen it.
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  • I use quicklinks on all chains as it makes them a lot easier to clean. I have always used the KMC ones and found them very reliable . You will need to remove the bad link and then just join the chain using the quick link. Make sure you get the correct one for your chain, as a 9 speed link will not fit a 10 speed chain and vice versa. Hope this helps, Danny.