Anybody had wheels built at Cycle Wales?

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Seem to be very a reasonable price but of course that's not everything.


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    I was born and raised in the village where he (Dewi Jones) operates, but moved away about twenty years ago, and can't quite place the guy's face. Friends of mine speak highly of him.
  • I have seen his wheels on Ebay... they make sense, he uses Ambrosio and Hope a lot. His prices seem reasonable. If he is local to you, it is worth giving him a try... having a local builder is much better than having to scavenge for a suitable box and post the wheels in case something goes wrong.
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  • I have bought two set of wheels from this chap on Ebay. It was a couple of years ago now. Both were ultegra hubs laced with stainless spokes to open pro rims. Both pairs are serving me very well. On the second pair, one wheel did need tweeking because it was slightly out when it arrived. They did offer to replace it if I sent it back, but it was too much trouble. Instead, I got my local shop to do it, Butterworths in Sheffield. It was a quick job for him and he did remark that the wheels were well built. They have been fine since
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    Dewi is well know in the area. Highly skilled, teaches bike maintenance and all things related city & guilds courses. Can't go wrong really.