Looking for cheap base layer? - Campri thermal base layer

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Needed a base layer, never used one before as only just started cycling and after looking at all your usual cycle shop websites and reading reviews I thought I would have to pay no less than around £20+ for a reasonably reviewed base layer. Anyway was shopping yesterday and just thought I would pop in sports direct and see if they had any and they had the following on offer dirt cheap so if it turned out rubbish I would bin it...

http://www.sportsdirect.com/campri-ther ... e=40206703


Cost me £6.99 or two for £12 (In store price), cheaper on the net. Didnt expect much from this as I only wanted it for the turbo trainer to soak up a bit of sweat and keep me a reasonable temp while in the cold shed. Tested this morning for 30 mins, temp 4-5*C in there, kept me reasonably warm ( no wind obviously and no fan ). Not the greatest fit, 44 inch chest and got a large and it was a snug fit, arms very slightly loose near the fore arm and I am no skinny person. It is very light though and not very thick.

Did it do its job as it claims on the box? Yes it did, very breathable, you could see the sweat accumulating on the outside of the base layer and it didnt really feel wet inside, although I mention you could see the sweat accumulating im sure it would evaporate if I had anykind of airflow past me which I didnt. As for drying when i was done I took it off which left me feeling dry, the top initially only felt damp and after 10mins felt almost completely dry which was good and it didnt smell.

So for £6.99 I thought this was worth mentioning for anyone looking for a cheap base layer. Don't know how it will be under a long sleeve jersey but will test this out soon, if its rubbish I will stick with it for the turbo only.
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  • I bought the altura transfer base layer a few weeks ago, the new winter stock that they have, very good for keeping you warm and good at wicking, bought 2 for £45. Just thought i would mention it.
  • Interesting tip, thanks.

    I got a Nevica thermal running top / base layer from sportsdirect, cost £12. Didn't want to spend on an underarmour one.

    It's good for a short jog but it does hold sweat a bit more than I'd like. Underarmour next time.
  • It's worth investing in a merino base layer as they're more effective than manmade fibres at keeping you cool or warm (they work both ways) and they wick out the sweat then dry much faster – and best of all they don’t build up a nasty smell like nylon. A merino doesn’t need to break than bank – you can pick up an excellent long sleeve Endura Baabaa for about £45 to £50 – and it will see you through several winter seasons, long after you’ve had to bin yet another nylon base layer because it’s making your eyes water from the reek.
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    i use their tight like leggings, in the autumn/ winter months. aboslute bargain, and do what i need....!
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    +1 thegreatdivide.

    It is indeed well worth investing in a decent base layer or two. I have 2, depending on the weather and situation. For cold morning commuting, I have a Helly Hanson Freeze long sleeve base layer, with a collar and a small zip. It is absolutely perfect for a 5 - 20 (depending) commute when freezing outside.

    http://shop.hellyhansen.com/gb/item/hh- ... zip-48852/

    The above I got off Sports Pursuit for £31 when it was on offer (shameless punt, I know): www.sportspursuit.com/join/Charlie_Beamish_38028

    Sign up using the link and keep eye peeled, they have some cracking offers on all the time, and it can save you a load of money of some great brands, like Helly Hansen.

    For slightly more appealing weather, not like that we are enjoying now, I have a sleeveless (doesn't chafe under the arm) Planet X Merino base layer. It is great when commuting in sunshine, because you can keep those tan lines razor sharp. It also allows you the versatility of wearing arm-warmers to begin with.

    http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/CLP ... ayer_120gm

    Good luck!
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    I use the Campri base layer.
    Been out last year in -2 with that and a jacket and was fine.