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If I drive around a route the day before and have the Garmin in the car, does it remember the route and can it direct me around it the next day?
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  • I've never done exactly that. But I think that in theory it can. You will need to turn the recorded activity into a course to follow. You can use the Garmin connect web site to do this. See the Garmin FAQ question "How do I save an activity as a course".
    Once you have the course saved on your 500 you can use the follow course feature to actually follow it. Note that this will not give you satnav like directions, but it will show you the shape of the course that you can follow pretty easily.
    There may be an easier way to do this on the device but I don't know it...
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    I just plot the course using ridewithgps, edit any turnings that you dont want in the cue sheet (eg straight on's), save it as a TCX file to your PC.
    Then register with bikeroutetoaster, upload the TCX and then export it with the turn warning set at 350feet (ridewithgps doesnt let you add a turn warning distance unless you pay for the it and it will bleep to turn when you are on the junction or just past it so pretty useless most of the time) and a prefix of WG or WNG or whatever you want.

    Works fine this way.
    Cheers, Stu
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    If I drive around a route the day before and have the Garmin in the car, does it remember the route and can it direct me around it the next day?

    Why on earth would you actually want to do that? It's just a wastefully expensive way to make a ride boring. As said, just plot the route on a web based route planning site (loads of those) and follow the trail. You can use the gradient profile to warn you of any hills as well as viewing them in street view.
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    Following courses is the biggest flaw for the garmin 500.

    Basically it just doesn't work on any long courses, over about 44 miles. They've promised a fix for ages, but haven't produced one. Its still quite a good piece of kit, just don't expect to use it to navigate.
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    It does work on longer courses, I navigated from Land's End to John O'Groats using a Garmin 500. It was temperamental on routes with lots of coursepoints but I was still able to find my way as long as I left it on the navigation screen. Haven't had this issue since upgrading the firmware.
  • I've also had no problems following 100+ miles courses. Biggest one I did was a 210km route from Bristol to Caerphilly and back and it worked as expected.
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    I haven't tried the navigation feature since I updated to 3.0, but I had the freezing and losing the rest of my ride problem before that.

    The problem's pretty widespread - see here from the garmin forum:- ... le-routing