Convert drop bar to flat bar

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A friend has asked me to convert his voodoo cyclocross bike to flat bar for him, he no longer feels confident riding in the drop bar position.
I plan to use a more upright stem and some riser bars to get the position he wants, but which shifters do I use ?
I have had a bit of a look and the ones which seem best are the shimano sl-r770, are there any other, cheaper options ?
Thanks for any help


  • elcani
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    10 Speed? ... elID=69502

    Or the 4603 if it's a triple.

    I believe the supposed need to match these with 4600 or 5700 or 6700 derailleurs is not strictly true, but you may want to investigate further before buying.
  • weaty
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    Yes I think it is 10 speed, I have not seen the bike yet but the spec from the net says it is.
    Those shifters look good thanks, I think he will be happy with the price, and the chainset is a double.