First proper road bike

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As the title says, i'm looking to buy my first proper road bike. I'm interested in the 2013 allez or allez sport. I was wondering if the allez sport is worth the extra money in the long term. Also as i'm a poor student, using money from a summer job to buy a new bike, i was wondering whether bike shops are likely to be up for discussion on the prices, or add some accessories in?


  • Triban 3 from Decathlon. £300 for a quality bike. Would that suit your finances?
  • Its not that I cant afford them, its that i want a quality bike to last me for years and get good value for money in the process. But that does look good for £300
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    Go secondhand for value - guy just sold a nice CAAD8 on the forum for £300

    Place an ad in the Wanted section stating size required and budget. Most people on here will keep their bikes in decent condition