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Castelli Velocissimo Equipe or Contatto long sleeve jersey

Danny_B9Danny_B9 Posts: 55
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Need a long sleeve jersey, found two castelli jerseys, same price but cant decide on the following:

Castelli Velocissimo Equipe Full Zip Long Sleeve Jersey ... astzjls201


Castelli Contatto Full Zip Long Sleeve Jersey ... astzjls229

First long sleeve jersey and new to road cycling, I have been told if I run quite hot then a long sleeve jersey and a thermal base layer should be enough to keep me warm when it gets chilly, as no expereince do you think this sounds about right? also what would you chose from the above and why other than looks...?
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  • ducksonduckson Posts: 961
    I'm looking at the same jerseys, i was also thinking of something warm baselayer wise like an Endura merino long sleeve base layer. I'd guess that would be ok for 6c - 12c but then again everyones different!
    Cheers, Stu
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,076
    castelli rates both with the same temperature range (15-20), if there's a difference i'd guess that the contatto is fleece and the other plain, on that basis i'd choose the contatto

    but tbh i've got a couple of long sleeve jerseys, but tend not to wear them much, as the window in the uk weather for when it's right for them seems narrow, tbh i prefer arm warmers and a windproof gilet, then wear a normal jersey plus maybe base layer

    btw the castelli core mesh base layer is excellent

    you mention you're new to road cycling, if you are carrying any extra weight then you could drop a fair bit, which may change you size, so consider that too - i've got a few things that are now too big for me!
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  • Make sure you try these on in a shop. I loved the look of the Castelli gear on the Internet - I loved the look in the store. And then I tried them on - 'oh dear God', my wife who was with me at the time nearly created a little wet patch with how much she laughed! :lol: Not all gear suits everyone's shape plus the ones I tried ran at least one, if not two sizes smaller than I would normally go for. Sadly I had to go for another brand!
  • ducksonduckson Posts: 961
    I have a Castelli rain jacket as well, i'm normally a medium or large but needed extra large, i'd be going extra large in any Castelli tops!
    Cheers, Stu
  • magoo289magoo289 Posts: 223
    I have the Contatto jersey and I find Castelli's temp guide spot on. I wore 2 additional layers on Saturday when temp was 7C. And I needed them!
  • Can anyone tell me what the Contatto material is like? I know it has a brushed fleecey interior, but is the exterior the thickness you'd get with, say, a replica team summer s/sleeve jersey, or is it slightly thicker?

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