Mavic ED11 freehub v Zonda freehub

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Got some Mavic Ksyrium SRs a couple of weeks ago and there's a noise when giving it the beans and also intermitently when pottering along but much less noticeable.
Can't find anything loose.
Compared how the cassette fits on the Zonda compared to the Mavic and fit is a lot tighter/closer on the Zonda.
Before the lockring is done up on the Mavic there is a lot of room between the spline and the cassette compared to the Zonda.
Free hub spline on Zondas is loads deeper than the Mavic.
QR is done up tight.
Can't think what else could be caausing the noises.
Prob getting it to the lbs friday but any help before hand would be appreciated
Anyone got any advice or experience with ED11 freehubs and how well they work ?

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