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I am currently building a winter bike, Focus Variado frame

I am buying this crankset ... elID=39078

I need to know what bottom bracket I need is this the right one and if so which one do I need, meaning there are 5 options :shock: ... elID=21496

thanks in advance


  • smidsy
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    The BB size/type relates to you frame. There are effectively 3 likely options for a recent bike frame (older ones can expand these options).

    English (68mm shell)
    Italian (70mm shell)

    The focus is probably one of the first 2 (what year/exact model is it?)

    The BB you link to only comes in English by the looks of it.
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  • Mine is standard 68mm its a 2010
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    lackofgrip wrote:
    Mine is standard 68mm its a 2010
    so that takes it down to 3 choices.
    and if you look at the manual/fitting info ... l-e-r2.pdf
    you would see that you need a 108mm for a road double.
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  • many thanks people