Mud & Grass Stains

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Hi guys

What do you use to get mud and grass stains out of clothes. Got a wind proof coat I wore last weekend on a muddy ride and I've washed 3 times and once with vanish, any ideas on how to get it out?

Thanks in advance.


  • cooldad
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    Can't really help, because I don't bother. Stick the stuff in the machine, thick gunk and evil smells are removed. Ride.
    Maybe try Mumsnet. (Serious suggestion - not a joke)
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  • mcnultycop
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    As above, my stuff goes in on the quickest wash. The worst of the crap comes out, any stains can stay.
  • This!

    Oil, mud, grass, blood (most of which is mine) all adorn my riding gear.

    Not like you're planning on wearing it to a wedding or anything, it'll be fine. Stains like that fade over time anyway.
  • rockmonkeysc
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    As long as the smell of sweat has gone then it's as clean as it needs to be.
    All my kit has blood, grass & mud stains. It just adds character :)
  • The Rookie
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    Biotex works well, but ONLY if you've not washed and baked the stains in, too late now, the hot washes will have set them in.
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  • paul.skibum
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    I am sure I recall my mum telling me syrup or honey or somethign removes grass stains but then my old cricket gear at school was covered in grass stains so its just possible my mum doesnt know her arse from her elbows.

    For my riding gear I tend to find that stains are of very little importance.
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