Boardman elite bikes

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Boardman elite SLR bikes, are they any good? The speck is good for the price!


  • 16mm
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    my lbs stocks them alongside pinarellos, orbeas, cervelos, basssos etc. They look fine.
  • Hanners
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    the logo looks like a cock and balls
  • Just rode one today for first time...Air 9.0 with Ultegra & Kysriums. Got some guards on as it was wet in the lanes, but really nice. Pushes you along on the flats & a really stiff rear end on the climbs. Steady on descents and felt comfortable even though the position needs a tweak...
    I'd recommend them.

    & as to the logo? Well, is that all you'd think about prior to lashing out 2k for??? Decals look OK to me & sit well on the oversized downtube.
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    Any pics?
  • No Pics Mate...didn't take a camera, but there's plenty of images on their website...The 9.0 is a Strawberry Red, which is really nice in the flesh...