Felt AR5 Rattling Noise

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I've been experiencing a loud rattling noise from my Felt AR5 since new. The noise is particularly audible over rough tarmac, especially the type which has the top surface eroded. When it starts during a run it persists throughout.
The type of noise is possibly that of a cable housing rattling against the carbon frame and seems to come from an area around the front of the frame. It is independant of speed, cornering, pedalling or position on the bike.
I've tried tightening everything possible, securing the valve stems in the wheels, and removing every accessory to no avail. In particular I've also pulled the internal cables taught to increase their tension through the frame while riding which has no effect. These attempts to locate the problem have lasted around 4 months.
My LBS reckon it's a problem within the frame. The shop where I sourced the bike have been helpful and have offered to check the bike over, however this would involve sending the bike by courrier which I'll use as the last resort. Any help on this problem would be seriously appreciated. Thanks.


  • I had a similar noise coming from my bike and it turned out to be a loose headset, so it could be this. Make sure you loosen the stem before you try tightening the bolt on top of the headset then tighten the stem back up.
  • Nick, many thanks for the response.