Which of these, Swift, Rolls or Regal.

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Do any forum members use any of these saddles, Brooks Swift, San Marco Rolls or San Marco Regal. If so what are your thoughts on them? The saddle is for my new bike and i have narrowed my choice to these thre although i have not used them before. My present saddle is a litegel which has been on my Dawes Galaxy since 1996.do the Brooks take long to breah in? if you have to at all, i`m not to concerned about the weight of the saddle as it is for my Audax, not an out and out racer. Cheers.
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  • I have a B17 on one bike....supposedly the most comfortable around! And a swift on one of my roadbikes. The B17 is still in the process of being broken in despite many miles and years of use (it is more comfortable than when I started though).
    The swift hurt like hell on the first ride but felt hugely better by the end of said first ride of no more than 40 mls!! And for me is an absolute winner.
    But that is the leather on my saddles on my arse!
    They/we are all going to be different....But if you are patient I think the outcome will be positive.

    Good luck
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    I've used all three and the only one comfortable to me is the Rolls and is my favourite saddle for now. Unfortunately I doubt this info will be any use to you since saddles are a very personal choice. You pretty much have to ride them for awhile to find out which may work for you. I can say that they are all very well made. durable and will last for years.
  • I have a 'classic' Regal on one bike and a Regale on each of my other bikes. It's the saddle that works best for my back side. The classic Regal didn't need any breaking in - it's the Belgian Sofa and very comfortable.
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    I've used a few Rolls and currently got a RegalE (or whatever the lightweight version is) on my best bike. I like the Rolls but the RegalE would be my choice - never used the Brooks.

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  • Thanks for the replies, no suprise that each saddle is recommended by different people! as they are all quality saddles. The fact that the `Swift` broke in quickly was useful. I suppose i will have to just go with my insticts on Monday when i spec my bike. Thanks once again, cheers.
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