Tight Tyres on Easton EA50 sl

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Hey Folk,

Does anyone know a tyre that fits the above wheel. They came with Hutchensons on and I replaced the front with a Vittorie Rubino pro for winter. Fine so far if tight. I'll get the rear to match thought I...well tight is not the word..it is ridiculously tight and simply wont go on no matter how much I swear or kick it..I have all but given up.




  • It is the rim, not the tyre... Try conti gator skin, but the problem is the rim, so it will still be tight
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    As ugo says, these rims are notoriously tight, and I have had many a swearing session fitting tyres to my girlfriends bike and praying she doesn't puncture on a ride. [It will be my fault obviously]

    One thing you can do which helps is that they come standard with a very rigid rim tape (think the plastic stuff that holds boxes of photocopier paper shut). Whip this off and chuck to velox tape or velocity plugs in instead and it gets a bit easier, but ultimately they're still a bugger. Different tyres may be easier, I've found vittoria tyres generally a bit more forgiving, and contis tighter.
  • Thanks for the tips.. I've come very close with the new tyres and hopefully will get them on with either a new tool I've ordered or some brute force at the local bike shop. The tyres that are on there just now come on and off relatively easily so the hope is that once the vitorrias go on and are broken in they will be the same..we can but hope. Updates will follow...
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    Pete, the tightness is legendary and I was a club member too, but I had to watch someone change a tyre on my own wheel in awe and realised you have to be precise in doing it.

    I wrote about it here (mine is the last comment)

    http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... t_comments
  • Well I git it on in the end using this guy http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=42811, and I kid you not almost broke my little finger in the process. Still black and blue yet. That said I'll ride it in, and hope for the best. A rear puncture will be the end of me though. Lets hope the kevlar is up to the task.
  • Hey Paul,

    Get yer man to stick a video on you tube..I think we could ll learn something from him..:-)