converting a H3 positioned bike to H2

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Hi guys

I bought a 2013 trek madone 2.1 this morning and didnt notice it had a H3 positioning wich is the highest compared to H2 and H1. Can i convert it to a H2 and what exactly do i have to change? Is it only the stem or is it the headset or is the whole frame designed differently on each "H#" ?

Looking forward to your replies thanks yall


  • k-dog
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    It's the frame - the headtube is longer so the stem is higher up.

    To get it as low as possible you can remove spacers from below the stem (and put them above for now until you are sure then you can cut the steerer) and make sure the stem is angled the lowest way and not pointing slightly up.

    That should get you pretty close.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • If you only bought it this am can you not exchange it?