Felt Z6 - To push the button?!

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So I think I'm nearing the end of my bike search. I'm looking for a relatively relaxed geometry road bike for long summer commutes (12-15 miles each way) and leisurely weekend rides (15-50 miles).

The FELT Z6 seems to do everything I might want, but is a relatively cheap carbon frame. At £890 for the 2012 version it seems pretty good value including a predominantly Tiagra set.


Which makes me wonder if i'm going for TOO cheap a carbon frame and should i be looking at a higher end Alu?

Has anyone got any experience of the Z6? Would you consider it worth getting at this price? OR, are there any other alternatives that I should be considering in this price range? I'd like to press the button on something soon'ish.

Many Thanks for reading!


  • I can't comment on the Z6, but I have a (now discontinued) Z35 which is a lovely bike, certainly doesn't feel like a cheap frame to me. Most of the high end carbon technologies filter down to the lower end bikes after a few years, so you can get a good frame pretty cheaply nowdays.
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    Wiggle had the z5 for not much more as it was 40% off a few weeks back
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  • Ahh thanks guys

    For some reason I seemed to have missed the replies on this, but it's great to hear others have had good experiences with Felt.

    I struggle with the fact that I can't seem to test them very easily anywhere but the reviews of the Z6 sound like it's exactly what I'm after in terms of geometry. A Z% would have been lovely (esp with 40% off!) but I'm afraid they're all gone!!