Cassette swapping question

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Hi, hope someone can answer this one
Would swapping from a 11-28 to a 11-23 cassette with the chain set up for the 11-28 be ok or cause problems?
Not wanting to swap chains each time
11 speed and 53/39


  • pinarellokid
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    it already copes well will the chain on the 11 cog so isnt being made to go any slacker, so i cant see a problem,
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    With quicklinks it should be easy and quick to change chains. As an 11-23 (as with a 53/39) is a racing cassette I'm assuming you want to race with it. If so, taking the extra few links out of a new chain with save weight and have a slight efficiency gain.
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  • Tom_UK
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    Thanks for the replys

    Yes it's for racing, the new dura ace 11 speed doesn't come with speed links and I'm not sure when kmc or someone will bring one out so would rather not swap chains if I can avoid it if this set up would cause no problems
    Thanks again
  • andy_wrx
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    Save weight by removing a few links ? Exactly how much ?

    As per PK's post, if it's handling 11-28 OK, 11-23 is just the same but not shifting to the lowest two cogs.

    Leave the chain alone, unless it's worn and skips on the new cassette