Im looking for a £500 bike anyone seen any good deals?

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Im looking for my first road bike for commuting & fun and have been stuck between a cheap new bike or a better 2nd hand bike.

I'm not hung up on any particular brands or anything like that - just looking for something to get me moving faster.

Looking at the classifides it dosent seem like you get much for your money 2nd hand - that and i dont know enough about what im looking at to know if im getting ripped off or not so im leaning towards new.

So im looking for some friendly help, if on your travels you see any deals of note please post them up.



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    Charge Filter Mid, Hi or Apex on Wiggle. Hi and Apex may be a over budget but worth a look. Mid is a sound buy IMO for under £500.

    Not "proper" Race/Road bikes but seem to suit what you want i.e. a do it all sort of bike.
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    This is where someone steps in and gently points you in the direction of a Triban 3 from Decathlon...
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  • if its for commuting then id suggest anything that has mounts for gaurds
  • You may be able to pick up a 2012 allez for that
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    Have a look at merlin cycles...
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    The classifieds on this site are good as there's less chance of a scammer - you can search their posting history to suss out if they're a decent sort.

    No particular recommendation, but the Ribble 7005 Audax has a good reputation as a basic winter bike / commuter.
  • Thanks for all your posts.

    For the money thevTriban 3 looks like a safe bet, though im still keen to see if there is anything better available - particularly as it the winter.
    The charge looks like a nice bike though the cheap one is sold out in my size and im not sure about steal.
    Do I really need mudgard mounts? I thought the crudracers and similar are compatable with any bike?
    Ill have a quick look for those others now.

  • Just to wrap this up,

    This evening i've been and treated myself to a triban 3, The lights it came with were sh1t so I whipped the set i've been using on my old mtb across, wired up a (wireless) cycle computer and took it for a quick spin round the local park.

    My initial thoughts are i'm blown away - this is my first road bike and (compared to the £20 ebay MTB that ive been commuting on) its so fast and smooth and comfortable.

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    Result :)
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  • Well done. I know a couple of people with these and they are unreal value for money.

    With the £200 you've saved of your budget, I'd be looking to get some lighter wheels. The stock wheels weigh a LOT as I recall. You'll be wanting some clipless pedals as well.

    Enjoy your bike.
  • Just got home following the daily commute and im still over the moon - its quicker than im used too which i guess i expected, though what im blown away by is how comfortable it is on coventrys far from perfect roads.

    I would definatly recomend one to anyone whos commuting on a mtb or hybrid.

    Re wheels im not sure if i would feel the benefit of anything better, and as im heavy and ride on pot hole riddeled roads i would be concered about durability.

    Can anyone recomend me some mudguards?
  • The wheels will get you through the winter while the roads are crap but you would DEFINITELY notice a lighter set.

    Can't remember if the Triban has mudguard eyelets. If it does, the world is your oyster. If not... ... elID=25796
  • The triban does have eyelets but ive gone for some crud race blades. I couldnt find anything about fiting these to a triban3 so ill post up with how i get on when they arrive