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Chain catchers

ed_jed_j Posts: 335
edited October 2012 in Workshop
Just installed a deda dog fang after getting sick of dropped chains and had my first experience of it in action yesterday. So was naturally shifting from big ring to small and the chain just jammed. Eck, I thought, and stopped by the side of the road and had a look. It all looked fine, gave the pedals a spin, and it worked perfectly. So is this how they work? The chain jams up against the chain catcher, and then you wait and pedal again and it's fine?


  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    I'm not sure it's supposed to jam. It's supposed to either sit next to the chain on the smallest ring so it can't shift down further. Or if the chain comes flying down off of the big ring and misses the smallest, it will sit on the hook of the catcher so you can turn the cranks and nurse the chain back into place.
  • ed_jed_j Posts: 335
    Ah okay. I've got it level with the chain, so it should be below it?
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    I put it so that the tooth is level with the pins - and twist it round so the tooth is as close to the chain without touching it. Like this:


    Some folks will put it a little lower just to catch the chain if it falls.
  • ed_jed_j Posts: 335
    That's how mine is, I think. Maybe it's a little too far away from the chain allowing it to partially jump off. Will check.
  • BigLee1BigLee1 Posts: 449
    I made one of those using an old reflector bracket cut down :D Seems to work great set up like on the picture
  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,431
    Mine's set up like the one in the picture. Make sure the pointy bit is as close as possible to the pins of the chain without actually touching.
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