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garmin 800 turn by turn nav help

boogi11boogi11 Posts: 354
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hi all, just got my garmin 800, and i am getting on ok with it, but icannot make it give me turn by turn nav on a pre determined loop course?

it warns me when i go off course, but gives me no beeps or little arrows with a count down mileage to the junction

can anybody please help



  • You need to go into courses. Select the route you want to use. Then click the spanner icon, and check that guidance is switched on. I would then also click map display and change the colour of the route to highlight it, in something bright.....hope this helps...If you have already tried this....I'm not sure what is wrong....

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  • DaveLDaveL Posts: 188
    As said above, guidance is switch off by default (god knows why), and you have to do it before you press the green go button, as it will not work if the course is already loaded. Also if you have downloaded course you have to do it in tcx, as I believe gpx does not have turn by turn (I could be wrong, as I have never tried a gpx)

  • drlodgedrlodge Posts: 4,825
    GPX does work turn by turn, at least it did for me when I dwnloaded a GPX file and tried it with guidance turned on.
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  • maringirlmaringirl Posts: 194
    GPX files should defo give turn by turn. However, I find that some courses I have downloaded from the interweb don't give me the turn by turn guidance bleeps on the Garmin - whereas any of my own that I have plotted out are absolutely fine. I think it must be the way they are set up by their originator who perhaps hasn't switched that option on on whatever mapping tool they are using?
  • rnathrnath Posts: 176
    I've similarly found GPX routes to be a hit and miss. When I find a route I want to try out, I just remap it in Bike Route Toaster (course points turned on) and export as a TCX - works every time, and doesn't take too long to do.
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