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Hi all. I have a Trek 5200. It's around seven years old now. Been looked after and never crashed. However the past couple of weeks had a creaking sound from the BB area which stops when I stop peddling or applying pressure. So firstly changed the pedals then shoes and finally the BB to eliminate the possibilitys. However this annoying creak still remains. Can't see any obvious cracks in the carbon and or joints. Any ideas? Thanks


  • Does it stop when your out of the saddle? If so could be seatpost or saddle creaking.

    Have you tried removing cleaning and greasing the cleats?
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    Makes no difference. Also all bolts are torqued up to the right settings
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    I had something similar that sounded like it was in the BB but was actually the seatpost. I had an extra long seatpost and applying carbon paste to the whole thing sorted it. Good luck
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    a loose/dirty rear skewer can cause creaking when pedalling, remove it for a clean, check the dropouts and clamping surfaces are all clean

    then reseat the wheel with weight on the bike before clamping the skewer
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    When we get a dry day here I'll stick another wheel in to eliminate all
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    Tried other wheel same result. Could it be that the bottom bracket sleeve has become unstuck? :?
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    chainset and cranks would be the first thing I'd look at...
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    Process of elimination. So strip and re-grease the obvious stuff first like pedals, seat posts, stem etc. if it still persists then BB areas, wheel bearings and so forth

    If it still persists then throw the bike away :)