Rear Mech/Rear Wheel query

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Just bought a new bike and it was delivered with the rear mech unbolted from the frame. No problem.
It's a SRAM Rival rear mech and it can only bolt onto the frame one way which I have done properly.
Now I can't get the rear wheel into the frame as the cassette won't pass the rear mech inner cage and I've scratched it trying.
This is such a simple job yet something is stopping it and I don't know what.

Chain is mounted around rear mech pulleys all ok
Rear mech cable is outside of the frame and not inside.
No QR Skewer in the way
Rear mech pulled back to full extent by my hand when trying to puch wheel into frame.
Cassette is the correct SRAM 10 speed model.

Any help appreciated.



  • smidsy
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    You fitted it with a mech hanger yes?
    Yellow is the new Black.
  • stevenb
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    Yes, the frame has the mech hanger fitted too.
  • farrina
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    Any chance of a photograph to show what it is binding on ? (a picture saves a thousand words)



    Ps I am assuming that before you started you have made sure your rear mech has been moved such that it would be on the smallest sprocket on the cassette ( have to ask the obvious for which apologies)
  • stevenb
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    Done it.
    The gears have not been set up properly prior to despatch and the chain had to go onto the smallest cassette sprocket to even get close.
    A little fettling needed here.
    Funny that....the shop told me it would be built prior to despatch.....hmmmm.