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Has anyone got any experience of the Btwin Triban 5? At just under the £500 mark I'm tempted to get this on the cyclescheme at work as it falls just below the 25% final purchase price and I saw that the Triban 3 got positive reviews recently but this has a better spec.


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    somebody chip in and help this guy, we should encourage and assist new riders who wanna get outta damned cars and enjoy the freedom a bike brings.
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    Was looking at one if the cycle to work thing was setup at my work , but it fell through so didn't end up with one. 500 notes (or 260ish via C2W) for a sora bike is good these days + carbon forks and seat stays. Seen one in the flesh and sat on one and I liked it from that. Would also like to see any reviews from owners..
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    I bought a triban 5 a few months ago and love it!

    i'm new to cycling, so i don't really have anything to compare it to, but its given me many miles of trouble free riding.

    i've posted some pics and info here

    i found i couldn't match the spec for the same price with any other brand.
  • I have the Triban 3 (very similar but less carbon and a 2300 set rather than Sora and £200 cheaper) and I love it. All the Triban get superb write ups. Do it!
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  • I'm a Triban 5 owner too, and so far I'm happy with my purchase. I chose it over the Triban 3 mainly as I prefered the colour, but also the slightly better spec. Mine is standard apart from michelin Lithion 23c tyres.

    Like above this is my first road bike so I have nothing to compare it with directly. All I know is that it's so much faster on my comute to work than my old mtb with semi-slick tyres on.

    I'm hoping to do at least two sportives this year plus training to put some more miles on it.
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    I looked at the triban 5 when I was getting my triban 3, seems a good frame with decent kit on it for the money and very good value against other £500 bikes. You'll be getting a good basis if you decide to up grade bits in time and I don't think you'll be dissapointed. It also came with some Look pedals which is a nice touch.

    For me however it was not worth the extra £200 for the bits of sora kit but it may be for you, my one is a commuter it's not a go to bike and if / when the gears wear out i have old decent quality shimano kit in the shed to put on it so I'm not worried about the relatively cheap kit on it and it didn't seem any lighter than the 3. But as a decent first bike i'd say the closest competition at the price is the triban 3
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    I'm with kilo, I think the triban 5 is a nice bike, but seems like quite a price hike over the excellent triban 3. I'd probably just get the 3 and spend the spare £200 on clothes lights pump tools, helmet etc all pretty good stuff from decathlon too.
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    Are you just cycling to work or are you doing it as a pastime as well? If you're just going to work, I doubt you'd need better spec if it's just for the morning slug :) even if you do cycling on the weekends, 2012 Sora isn't that big a step up from 2300, they've the same shifting action, if it's 2013 Sora, fire ahead for the weekend spins :D
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  • Hi
    I am in the same indecision too. Got £500 and wondering to go for the '3 and upgrade the wheels or just get the '5 either way I will be buying from Decathlon. They are the best when it comes to after sales support. Currently doing work commute on a RR 8.0 for two years and they have never failed me. Closes to the '5 is the Trek 1.2 and that's £700!!!! The wheels might be a bit better but that's a big step up and minus the carbon seat stays.
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  • Bought the Triban3 for my boy, nothing comes close at the price, so I'd be confident about the 5. But if £500 is your limit, do as some of the others here have suggested, get the 3 and spend £200 on some really good lights, lock, and a waterproof.
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