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Hi all,

I've narrowed my search down for my first road bike down to two options. The team boardman or the Giant Defy 1.

Both bikes have great reviews everywhere I look, which makes it a pain to decided between the two! I've sat on both and they both seem comfortable enough, but considering I am a first timer, I don't really know what is 'right' or what it is supposed to feel like!

The only two negatives I can see of the bikes is the performance of the Giants wheels and potential problems with the Boardmans BB.

Are the Giant issues something that will be really a worry to me since I am only a starter and albeit a pretty fit one..and only really be an issue for those more experienced?

and from research it seems the BB30 problems on the boardman are meant to be solved/problem with a certain batch..but has anybody who's purchased one recently has any such problems?

The other factor here is, I am taking up triathlon which would most likely mean smaller distances, but I've always enjoyed cycling so will be hoping to do some further things too and have a wee trip so some apparently small mountains in france...The Boardman is a more aggressive style bike than the giant so would this mean it would be more wise to chose the giant due to it's comfort over long distances? But if I do so, would the Giant be much of an issue for competing in tris or attaching aero bars to?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


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    Wheels are easily replaced. A BB30 issue can be a total wipe out and not at all easy to resolve.

    I would go for the Giant out of those two.
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    Both review well. I can tell you the Defy rides well, but I'm sure the Boardman probably does too.

    The geometries may be different, but that doesn't mean that the Boardman wouldn't suit you. The best thing you can do is to test ride each (can be tricky with the Boardman - Giant has a test ride service) to at least get a feel for the bikes. Sitting on them helps, but doesn't tell you a great deal.

    Given that they are both good bikes, and they can be adjusted to fit you as long as you're in the right ballpark with the initial sizing, it is most likely to come down to a heart decision. Which do you like the most? The one that gives the warm fuzzies will certainly help motivate you to ride it.

    I'm not aware of any issues with tri bars on the Giant btw.
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