Campag cassette on shimano wheels

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Im about to get a new bike which is Campag record 11spd equiped. It's got ksyrium slr wheels which I'd ideally like to not run on really wet days, (only have one bike). I've got a used set of shimano rs80s which while probably not worth loads to sell on, are still great wheels and would be more than good enough run though winter.

So is there any kind of conversion option that would let me run a 11spd campy cassette on them. Doesn't need to be perfect so can be a no name brand or heavy etc, it's just for bad days and turbo.


  • Ambrosio make them , campag spacing that fit on shimano splines BUT 10 speed only !
  • hammerite
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    This is something I've been wondering for a while, so checked it out....

    bit pricey!
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    11 speed on Shimano is difficult it seems; IRD make a range of 10 speed Campag / Shimnao splined but not 11 (see SJS cycles for product range).

    However you may get luck with this compnay who seem to be able to pretty well adapt anything to fit anything :)

    OR try Marchisio cassettes which again seem to be able to do a mix and match service setup