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Just done my first service of a Mavic Ksyrium Elite freehub. Is it normal that afterwards there would be no noise when freewheeling? When I spin the cranks by hand the noise of the Pawls is quieter than normal but on the road it's completely silent. Just wondering if this is ok?


  • My Elites have recently had the freehub serviced-much quieter now.
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    How often do you get them serviced? Mine have only gone 400-500 miles.

    I do like the sound of them 8)
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  • It was the first it had been serviced . Not sure the mileage, but would estimate over 1000 miles. I have been using the wheel this week and all is ok. My only concern is that it is so much quieter than before. I know this is not something to worry about , but the noise when freewheeling before was quite a bit louder.
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    Just bought a new but older Mavic Equipe back wheel and found that there was only a film of oil in it. I always check the hubs when I buy as I don't trust the makers. Put sufficient grease in the freehub and now nice and quiet.
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    When they are new they only have a very small amount of thin oil in the free-hub as it is all they need - the only friction is the pawl spring pressure as you free wheel which is rarely TBH.

    If whoever serviced it used a thicker oil, more of it, or to go further grease, then it would silence it right up as it prevents the pawls from snapping back into place against the free-hub body so fast, which is what makes the loud click.

    Provided it funtions correctly this 'extra' lube should not prove an issue, unless an unsutable grease has been used which may gum up in cold weather and hence prevent the pawls engaging correctly. Its very easy to strip and do yourself however. You only need to remove the wheel, then use 2 5mm allen keys from either side of the hub to undo the axle (no need to remove cassette). Then slowly lift up the free-hub/cassette whilst rotating in the freewheel direction, keeping your other hand cupped around it in case any of the 3 springs fly out. Once open its very simple to re-assemble and obvious.

    Clean out fully with GT88/WD/et all, then you only need like 4-5 drops of wet chain lube or other 3 in 1 type oil. Even engine or gear oil will do.