What size????

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I've been trawling through Ebay and such like searching for my first road bike.

It's a bloody minefield! :shock:

I just can't believe the different sizes for similar looking bikes. I'm particularly interested in Giant, Specialized, Trek and Carerra road bikes but a medium in one make is a different size in another make.

Would it be safe to say that one and only way to obtain a true size is to go out and park my butt on the said makes of bikes to find out in the field so as to speak. I'm really getting confused by it all. I've looked at the online size guides but even they contradict themselves as many don't take into account inside leg measurements.
Ball park I'd say I should be looking for either small or medium. Definitely medium on a Carerra as I've sat on one and done the crossbar clearance challenge. Even Carerras have different measurements for their bikes. A medium TDF is 54cms whereas a medium Virtuoso measures 51???

As I said earlier, would the proof of the pudding be found by checking them all out in the LBS?

Thanks for any advice. :)


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    How tall are you, be a start?
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    It's always best to have a test ride, or at the very least have a sit on a bike to check it fits OK unless you really know what you are doing. Even then you will probably benefit from a bit of advice from an experienced friend or someone experienced in a good bike shop (don't assume they all know what they are doing, and you need to be careful of shops trying to sell what they have in stock rather than thinking about the customer first!). What feels a bit strange at first may well be right and you'll get used to it after a few rides.

    If you're not sure let folk on here know where you live and they'll suggest somewhere good to ask a few questions and get fitted.

    You don't work in/own a shop do you? Sounds like a loaded question! :wink: