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Looking to buy some new race wheels for next (yes already :P ). As an u16 will mostly be racing crits and max looking to spend £500. Currently torn between http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/WPP ... ace_wheels and http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/WPS ... lset_(pair) .

Planet X - lighter, stiffer but worse braking and could only use for racing so would need another pair of wheels and need to buy tubs
Shimano - stronger ( ? ) could use for training, better braking and could use borrowed aluminium wheels for spare wheels at crits but heavier and less stiff.

Any advice or other suggestions on wheels would be appreciated, cheers :)
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  • You have to make up your mind... if you are serious about racing, then maybe tubulars are the way to go... lighter, faster and fewer punctures should overall get you more results over a season.
    If you are a light rider, you might benefit more from the shallow PX wheels, the 20 mm ones, they are considerably lighter and won't be a hassle to ride in cross winds. Problem is they won't like being crashed around

    The Shimano are well priced, but they are not racing wheels and you have to see whether they are an upgrade or not for you

    On balance I would save the money and concentrate on training harder, as the benefit wheels can give you in a crit race are marginal...
    If you are interested in the Shallow PX ones, give me a shout I have built a few of those and should be able to beat PX on price like for like
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