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Any views: Campagnolo Apparel Raytech Thermal Jacket - C579

notnotnotnot Posts: 284
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Need a jacket for winter, and seen this for under £50. Tempting, as that means it's cheaper than 'worse' brands. Anyone got experience of using this, though - any good?


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    there are a few other Campag styles at that price point - see Absolute cycles on ebay.

    Not used the Campag jackets myself but their other clobber is good quality.
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  • Link?
    I havn't got that particular jacket but the campag clothing is lovely
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  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    yes it is nice, I have some jerseys and bib shorts and they're above average quality tbh. Nice stuff.
  • I haven't got that particular jacket either, but I do have this one, which seems to be of similar construction. I think it's wonderful, and well worth 50 quid. Plenty warm enough so far this winter (I'm in Glasgow- feels like it's been winter for a while).
  • notnotnotnot Posts: 284
    Thanks - ordered.

    This is the one - £45 ... _BLUE.html

    Med only, though they seem to be discounting other Campagnolo jackets and shorts too.
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    be careful, cos campag stuff always comes up small imo ...
  • SlackSlack Posts: 326
    Maybe too late now that you've ordered. I have an older version of that jacket. It's good quality and I find it very warm, however, I also find it comes up short in the length of the body and arms - this maybe just down to my body shape though.
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  • notnotnotnot Posts: 284
    Thanks. I normally wear either a small or medium - just got a small Gap shirt which fits OK... - so hopefully the sizing will be OK. If not, anyone want to buy an unworn thermal jacket :)
  • notnotnotnot Posts: 284
    Arrived now :) Sorry if these are daft questions, but this is my first cycling jacket so not quite sure how they're meant to fit. It seems to fit OK - a bit like a denim or leather jacket, so looks quite fitted and comes down to my waist. I'm used to expecting cycling tops to be a bit longer than usual, though - this isn't, but it does have a plastic grippy thing on the inside bottom which I guess is meant to stop it riding up my back when I'm riding. Is this how these things are meant to be?

    It seems well-made, but quite thin and light for a thermal top - a good thing, I guess, so long as it's warm enough!
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    the most important thing is, as you say, if it fits you ok, not too tight on the arms and not too long in the body, and of course, if it keeps you warm enough. Just remember this is a windproof jacket you're talking about, not a full on waterproof winter garment, even though it does say 'thermal', so in deep snow it may not be warm enough. It's all about layering.
  • notnotnotnot Posts: 284
    Given it a try now. Surprisingly warm (out on a cold day with just a t shirt under jacket, and the bits covered by the jacket are about the only parts of me that *weren't* cold by the end of the ride). Rides up my back a bit when on the bike, but otherwise I'm v pleased with it.
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